Friday, February 27, 2015

Sarasota Institute for Lifelong Learning and Your Harvard: Seattle

Got back from a great time in Seattle...

where the weather was in the mid-50s and there were blue skies and lots and sun.  Doesn't sound like Seattle in the winter, does it? :P

I was there for a couple days to play at the Your Harvard: Seattle event entitled The Art of Improvisation.  After playing the great Volodos transcription of the Mozart Turkish March (rondo alla turca), I spoke briefly about improvisation and did one as a demonstration, before Professors Tom Kelly (music) and Bob Datta (neurobiology) spoke with discussion facilitator Deanna Lee about how improvisation works from musical and biological standpoints.

Harvard President Drew Faust then spoke about the Harvard Campaign, before all heading to a great reception in the lobby of the Seattle Art Museum!

I'm getting ready to head to Sarasota/Venice, Florida...

where the weather will be in the upper 70s and sunny!  I'm returning to the Sarasota Institute for Lifelong Learning, where I'll be giving two interviews/performances with radio host and good friend Robert Sherman.  I came here a couple years ago, and I'm so glad to be coming back!

Amazing room at the Alexis Hotel

No, I won't be using the leopard-print bathrobe.

Breakfast with my mom

Seattle Art Museum

Harvard Music Professor Tom Kelly

Selfie-time with Harvard President Drew Faust!

It was great working with you all!
Left to Right: Professor Bob Datta, Deanna Lee, Professor Tom Kelly, Me, Susan Olsen

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hans Zimmer-inspired Epic Soundtrack

Sometimes, you just need a little epic film music to get you through your day.  Here ya go, inspired by Hans Zimmer

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Finland, Reviews, and Snow

Just got back from my first orchestral concerts in Europe...

and overall first concerts in Finland!  I performed with guest conductor Alpesh Chauhan and the Kymi Sinfonietta in Kotka and Kouvola, Finland.  Check out the photos, and more on my Facebook Page as well!

The concert was reviewed by the Kymen Sanomat, as well, which wrote that the "Piano virtuoso reached Chopin's essence." It continued that "the top-level piano virtuoso made the evening memorable." The review noted "the sound of the world and the structures the soloist Charlie Albright reached," how the "total immersion of the composer of the innermost continued to dream of a semi-sparkling Andante, which broke out in sublime Grande Polonaise," the "full splendor the hands of effortless virtuosity, which enlivened the rhythm...and sophisticated piano tone,"and the "rose-popping-like fireworks, where the virtuosity had no limits."

Click here for the complete review!

En route to JFK

Concert Hall in Kotka, Finland

Charlie Albright and Alpesh Chauhan

Charlie Albright

Concert Hall in Kouvola, Finland

Concert in Beacon, NY

327 HP Infiniti! :D